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Hi everyone,

Its Breanna. As some of you may or may not know my fitness brand Five Twenty Nine Athletics is was started by my husband and I in 2019. As we were discussing different name ideas for the brand we started thinking outside of the box and wanted the name to include numbers and thought why not name it after the day we got married? So that is what we did! Our wedding anniversary is May 29th which is why we decided to go with the name 529 Athletics.
We are extremely blessed at how far it has come and I personally would like to say thank you to any and everyone that has purchased an activewear set or taken any of my group classes or shouted us out on social media whether it was a tag or recommendation. The support does not go unnoticed and we really appreciate it.

To show my appreciation I am releasing a Five Twenty Nine Athletics Challenge. This challenge is FREE to join but you will have to put in some work! It will start on Monday May 24th and end on the 28th. All winners will be selected on 5/29. It is a 5 day challenge where you will have to perform 5 different exercises for 29 seconds then take a 15 sec rest. You will complete all 5 exercises 5 times for a total of 25 sets!

As stated before this is a hitt style workout but I encourage you to use weights or resistance such as resistance bands, dumbbells or water bottles. If you prefer to use no weight you will still get a great workout. Email with workouts will be emailed on Sunday 5/24.

Not only will you feel really good after each workout but you will also have a chance to enter the prize giveaway! Thats right, I will be giving away 5 different prizes to 5 participants. Prizes can include resistance bands, free classes, t shirts, water bottles, leggings and more! 

In order to receive points you must post your daily workout to either your Facebook and or Instgram page and tag @fivetwentynineathletics on each post so that I can keep track of each participant's points. For every post you will receive 1point, meaning if you post to both FB &IG on all five days of the challenge you could earn 10 points. Therefore your name will be entered in the drawing ten times!!! 

On 5/29 I will draw 5 names as the winners of the Five Twenty Nine HIIT Challenge.

So what do you say? Are you joining the challege?!


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